The Next Step: A Catholic Teen's Guide to Surviving High School

High school can be a challenge and weird time in life. Help graduating eighth graders transition into high school with "The Next Step: A Catholic Teen's Guide to Surviving High School."

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The transition from middle school to high school can be a scary one. New freedoms and new challenges, new joys and new stresses await young teenage souls. With Christ as your focus, however, it can go from awkward to awesome.

How do you become all God has designed you to be without losing who you are? How do you excel in high school when the environment is different from middle school? How do you make your faith something inspiring without turning others off to God? And how do you stay strong when others fall away?

Before you take your first step onto that high school campus, allow The Next Step to guide you on your way.

Rachel Allen graduated from Saint Louis University with degrees in Creative Writing and Theology, and she serves as the full-time Chastity Educator for The REAP Team, a retreat ministry of the Archdiocese of Saint Louis. She spends most of her days talking about faith and chastity with teenagers. Rachel serves as a Core Member at her parish, blogs for, and loves the St. Louis Cardinals with a passion.