The Keys to Life: Everyday Wisdom from Saint John Paul II

Saint John Paul II is unlike any pope who had come before him. Listen to his own words about living a great life here on earth while focused on our eternal life in heaven. With hundreds of quotes and reflections, The Keys will be a book you can use daily.

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Note: This book is written for high school youth, young adults, and adults. For middle school youth, our book The Challenge of Saint John Paul II is a better fit.

He was born into poverty. He was orphaned at a young age. He secretly studied for the priesthood when it was deemed illegal. He opposed the Nazis. He saved lives during the holocaust. He helped bring down communism. He survived an assassination attempt. He ushered in a new understanding of human sexuality. He traveled the globe bringing the Light of Christ to the darkest of places.

Saint John Paul II was unlike any pope who had come before him. His love for the young Church was outdone only by his incredible love for God...and for the Blessed Mother.

John Paul II understood that "the keys" to life on earth were to be focused on our eternal life in heaven. This book made up of hundreds of quotes from St. John Paul II - it is an invitation to go deeper in your faith life and to allow the Lord to unleash the fullness of His power within you!

If you want to unlock the shackles of sin and unlock the mysteries of life, you'll need the keys...and when we need "the keys" we look to the Church. Allow this great saint to guide you now. Allow St. John Paul II to give you The Keys to Life.