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Faith and Reason(s): Confronting Popular Opinion with God's Truth

Price : $10.00

Real answers to today's biggest questions about God and faith. For your core, catechists, and teens.

Man Enough: Lessons from St. Joseph on Becoming a Godly Man

Price : $8.00

Lessons on being a Godly man from the life of St. Joseph

Rocking the Cradle Catholic: Raising Little Saints in a Lukewarm Culture

Price : $10.00

by Mary Moore Raising healthy, holy children is no easy task and todays culture doesnt make it any easier. Moore offers sound advice to parents and inspirational insight into what a modern, holy, Catholic family looks like.

Speak Up! Tips on Presenting to Modern Teens

Price : $10.00

Speak Up! will show you how to develop different types of presentations while offering practical advice from several of the most effective Catholic youth speakers - Leah Darrow, Jason Evert, Jackie Francois, Matt Fraud, Chris Stefanick and more!

That One Girl: Lessons from Mary for Young Catholic Women

Price : $8.00

Lessons from Mary on living a great holy life.

The Keys to Life: Everyday Wisdom from Saint John Paul II

Price : $10.00

Saint John Paul II is unlike any pope who had come before him. Listen to his own words about living a great life here on earth while focused on our eternal life in heaven. With hundreds of quotes and reflections, The Keys will be a book you can use daily.

Truth Be Told: Basics in Catholic Apologetics

Price : $12.00

Simple enough for a teen. Deep enough for a catechist. Truth Be Told is an excellent apologetics book that will help you answer some of today's most controversial Catholic doctrines and beliefs.

Worth the Wait: A Catholic Teen Guide to Dating, Marriage, and Happiness

Price : $10.00

For Life Teen’s newest book, we reached out to over a dozen authors to share personal, insightful stories about the beautiful connection between sex and faith.