Life Teen Core Handbook: 10 Things Every Core Member Should Know

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Whether your Core Members are walking into their very first semester or they have been walking with teens for over a decade, the all new Core Handbook is an indispensible gift for their Catholic youth ministry toolbox!

You asked for something you could put in Core Members’ hands – something that would both train and inspire them in these inspiring yet challenging waters of modern youth ministry – and now, you’ve got it.

We cover the “Ten Things every Core Member should know” and a whole lot more. This little book is the perfect gift for a Core Team to fire them up for a new semester, give them a shot in the arm mid-year or to help remind them of the importance of serving this generation of young souls, raising them up in the beauty of our Catholic faith. This book has it all: ideas, insights, challenges and practical tips on how to take your youth ministry programs to the next level.

Each section, too, includes Discussion Questions for the Core Members to reflect on and answer in a group setting – offering Youth Ministers built-in formation to aid in ongoing Core Training.

The all-new Core Handbook offers your Core Members a wealth of information on a variety of topics, including:

  • Insights on how to deepen their own spirituality and prayer life.
  • An in-depth explanation of a Core Member’s role and responsibilities, both primary and secondary.
  • Practical explanations of the flow of a Life Night, how to lead small groups, give talks, offer testimonies, handle “delicate” situations and discipline with love.
  • Areas to help examine their own level of commitment, time management and spiritual healthiness.
  • A clear challenge to engage more fully in relational ministry and to define the difference between “outreach” and “inreach."
  • An assessment of individual spiritual gifts and ideas on how to work more intentionally as a team.
  • A guide to discernment – when it’s time to join, recommit and take time away.
  • A clear reaffirmation of the Church’s teaching authority and our role in serving her young people with 100% authentic Catholicism.
  • Ideas on how to become a stronger community and more effective Core Team.
  • A bonus section specifically designed for Core Members who serve Military youth and their families.